.07 Water Supply.

A. The center shall have hot and cold running water, with hot water temperature not exceeding 120 F.

B. For each 40 children in care, or fraction thereof, there shall be at least one drinking water source that is:

(1) Safely accessible to children 2 years old or older without assistance from an adult; and

(2) Not located in a toilet room or in a sink used for handwashing.

C. Drinking water shall be supplied by:

(1) An angle-jet drinking fountain with mouthguard;

(2) Licensed bottled water in the original container;

(3) Running water supply with individual single service drinking cups; or

(4) Another method or source approved by the office.

D. During meals and snacks, water may be served family-style from a pitcher if the water is poured into the pitcher directly from one of the supply sources listed at §C of this regulation.