.05 Lead-Safe Environment.

A. A center operator may not use paint with lead content on any:

(1) Exterior or interior surface of the facility; or

(2) Material or equipment used for child care purposes.

B. If the child care center is a residential rental property constructed before 1978, which is an affected property as defined by Environment Article, §6-801(b), Annotated Code of Maryland, the operator shall submit a copy of the current lead risk reduction or lead free certificate.

C. If the facility was constructed before 1978 and is not certified lead free pursuant to Environment Article, §6-804(a)(2)(i), Annotated Code of Maryland, the operator shall:

(1) Ensure there is no chipping, peeling, flaking, chalking, or deteriorated paint on any surface of an interior or exterior area of the facility that is used for child care;

(2) If deterioration of a surface in an area used for child care is noted, or if renovation of the premises occurs that disturbs a painted surface, arrange to have a lead dust test:

(a) Conducted by an accredited visual inspector pursuant to COMAR to meet the risk reduction standard, if the facility is an affected property; or

(b) Conducted in areas used for child care by an accredited risk assessor pursuant to COMAR, if the facility is not an affected property; and

(3) If a lead dust test is required under §C(2) of this regulation, obtain:

(a) A passing score on that test; and

(b) Verification from the lead inspector performing the test that the requirements of §C(2) and (3)(a) of this regulation have been met.

D. In a facility constructed before 1978 and not certified lead free under Environment Article, §6-804(a)(2)(i), Annotated Code of Maryland, when performing renovation which disturbs the painted surface of an interior or exterior area used for child care, the operator shall ensure that the work is performed by an individual accredited to perform the lead paint abatement services using safe work practices as required by Environment Article, Title 6, Subtitle 10, Annotated Code of Maryland, and corresponding regulations.