.05 Response of the Office to Application.

A. Upon receiving a completed application, whether for an initial license or a continuing license, and all documentation required by law or regulation, the office shall determine compliance with the requirements of this chapter by:

(1) Evaluating the application and required documentation; and

(2) Inspecting the:

(a) Facility proposed for use as a child care center, if the application is for an initial license; or

(b) Child care center, if the application is for a continuing license.

B. Except as specified at §C of this regulation, the office shall, within 30 days after completing the procedures in §A of this regulation:

(1) For an initial license application:

(a) Issue an initial license;

(b) Issue an initial license with provisional status; or

(c) Deny an initial license; or

(2) For a continuing license application, issue or deny a continuing license.

C. The office may not issue an initial license until child care staff, sufficient in number to meet the staff/child ratio and group size requirements of COMAR 13A.16.08.03 as they apply to the requested child capacity, have successfully passed federal and State criminal background checks and a review of child and adult abuse and neglect records.