.04 Additional Adult.

A. Except as set forth in §B of this regulation, before an individual may be used as an additional adult, the provider shall ensure that the individual:

(1) Is 18 years old or older;

(2) Attends an information session presented by the office concerning the requirements of this subtitle for the care of children younger than 2 years old;

(3) Files with the office:

(a) A completed additional adult application form;

(b) Signed and notarized release forms giving the office permission to examine records of abuse and neglect of children and adults for information about the applicant;

(c) Completed information, on a form supplied by the office, for each of the applicant's substitutes; and

(d) A medical report on the applicant based on a medical evaluation conducted within the previous 12 months by a practicing physician, certified nurse practitioner, or registered physician's assistant, and signed by the individual who conducted the evaluation;

(4) If the individual will be paid, applies for a federal and State criminal background check at a designated office in the State;

(5) Holds a current certificate indicating successful completion of approved basic first aid and CPR training applicable to children younger than 2 years old; and

(6) Presents evidence of having completed approved SIDS training within the previous 5 years.

B. A provider may not use an individual as an additional adult unless the office has approved the individual in that capacity.