.05 Awards.

A. For award purposes, the Administration shall:

(1) Divide the annual allocation into four equal portions to be awarded quarterly during January, April, July, and October;

(2) Divide the funding allocation equally between family day care providers and child care facilities; and

(3) During any quarter, transfer remaining funds allocated to one category of provider to the other, if necessary to fund eligible applicants.

B. Maximum Grant Amounts.

(1) A child care facility that serves:

(a) 29 or fewer children may be awarded a grant of up to $1,500; and

(b) 30 or more children may be awarded a grant of up to $2,500.

(2) A family day care provider may be awarded a grant of up to $1,000.

C. During each quarter, the Administration shall provide awards according to the assigned award priority until the earlier of when:

(1) An award has been made to each eligible applicant; or

(2) The quarterly allocation of funding is exhausted.

D. Within 60 days of receiving an award, the grantee shall submit receipts or copies of receipts for all equipment, supplies, and materials purchased with the award.

E. Reconsideration for an Award.

(1) If, due to exhaustion of the quarterly funding allocation, an award is not made to an applicant on the basis of the applicant's first quarter of eligibility, the application shall be held for reconsideration until the end of the State fiscal year in which the application was made.

(2) An applicant who does not receive an award may reapply for an award during any future fiscal year.

F. At the end of a quarter, any unused funding allocation for that quarter shall be:

(1) Added to the funding allocation for the next quarter; and

(2) Made available for award purposes.

G. The Administration may make an award for less than the amount requested by the applicant, but may not make an award for more than the amount requested.