.04 Applications.

A. The Administration shall accept applications for an award only from currently operating child care providers.

B. To apply for an award, a child care provider shall submit to the Administration a completed application, which includes:

(1) An application form supplied by the Administration that is completed and signed by the applicant;

(2) Itemization of known and estimated costs of supplies, materials, and equipment for which funds are sought;

(3) The amount of funds available to the applicant to purchase supplies, materials, and equipment;

(4) The total amount of direct incentive grant funds requested from the Department;

(5) At the time of application:

(a) The total number of children enrolled in the applicant's child care program; and

(b) The number of children receiving child care subsidies through the POC program;

(6) An explanation of how each item will be used to enhance the quality of care provided to enrolled children;

(7) The name and location of the nearest public elementary school; and

(8) Any other relevant information required by the Administration.

C. Determination and Notification of Eligibility.

(1) Awards may be made only to:

(a) Child care facilities:

(i) Located in Title I communities; or

(ii) In which at least 25 percent of the children enrolled receive child care subsidies through the POC program; or

(b) Family day care homes that serve children who receive child care subsidies through the POC program.

(2) An applicant may be determined eligible for an award if:

(a) The application is complete;

(b) The applicant is not in arrears in the payment of any money owed to the State; and

(c) The applicant is currently licensed or registered by the Administration and is not subject to any pending or ongoing regulatory action.

(3) The Administration shall determine and notify an applicant of eligibility within 35 calendar days after a complete application is received by the Administration.

(4) Determination by the Administration that an applicant is eligible for an award does not entitle an applicant to an award.

(5) If an applicant is found eligible for an award, the applicant shall be notified that, pursuant to Regulation .05 of this chapter, an award shall be determined on the basis of:

(a) Award priority; and

(b) The availability of funding.

(6) If the applicant is found ineligible for an award, the Administration shall specify in writing the reason for ineligibility.