.06 Funding.

A. General. The Department will identify and coordinate all available resources for early intervention services within the State, including those from federal, State, local and private sources, consistent with 34 CFR §§303.500—303.521.

B. Use of Funds. The use of IDEA Part C funds shall be consistent with the use of funds requirements in 34 CFR §303.501.

C. Payor of Last Resort. Funds available under Part C of the Act shall be used in a manner consistent with 34 CFR §§303.510 and 303.520.

D. State Application. The Department shall submit an annual application to the United States Department of Education at the time and in the manner specified the United States Department of Education, consistent with 34 CFR §§303.201—303.212, 303.220—303.227, and 303.500—303.521.

E. Use of Medical Assistance.

(1) The use of medical assistance is prohibited, unless the local lead agency provides written notification to the child’s parents and parents’ consent is provided prior to using public benefits, consistent with 34 CFR §303.520.

(2) The Maryland Infants and Toddlers Program shall monitor implementation of policies related to the use of medical assistance to pay for early intervention services to eligible children and their families.