.06 Library Media Administrator.

A. In this regulation, "Library media administrator" means a person designated by the local superintendent of schools as having responsibility for the:

(1) Administration and supervision of the library media program, including the supervision of the library media program in the individual schools; and

(2) Development of policies, programs, budgets, and procedures for the library media services of the school system and its schools.

B. Education and Experience. To be certified as library media administrator, the applicant shall:

(1) Meet the requirements for certification as a library media specialist;

(2) Have a master's degree from an IHE;

(3) Have 3 years of satisfactory library media program experience, but, at the recommendation of the local school superintendent, 2 years of related satisfactory experience may be substituted for 2 years of library media program experience; and

(4) Complete one of the options listed under Regulation .04B(3) of this chapter that would lead to certification as Administrator I.

C. Certificate Renewal. In addition to meeting the requirements of COMAR 13A.12.01.11B, a library media administrator or a holder of a valid certificate for an education media administrator (Level III) shall satisfy the required reading course work contained in COMAR 13A.12.01.11A(5)(c) to renew the certificate.