.03 Superintendents.

The requirements for certification as a superintendent, deputy superintendent, associate superintendent, assistant superintendent or equivalent position are that the applicant shall:

A. Have a master's degree from an IHE;

B. Have 3 years of satisfactory teaching experience and 2 years of satisfactory administrative or supervisory experience in a PreK-12 school setting; and

C. Submit a minimum of 24 credits of post-masterís, graduate coursework in educational administration and supervision to include a balance of course work in the following:

(1) Developing and Articulating Shared Vision;

(2) Organizational Management;

(3) Promoting and Maintaining a Positive School Culture and Instructional Program for Learning;

(4) Demonstrating Values and Ethics of Leadership; and

(5) Collaboration with Diverse Stakeholders.

D. A superintendent who enters Maryland from another state may obtain superintendent certification if that superintendent held a valid professional state certificate and presents verification of at least 27 months of satisfactory performance as a superintendent during the past 7 years on the basis of which application is being made for a like or comparable Maryland certificate.