.07 Psychometrist.

A. Definition. "Psychometrist" means an individual who works directly under the professional supervision of a school psychologist or supervisor of school psychological services. The purpose of this position is limited to providing assistance to the school psychologist by administering psychological tests and other related psychometric tasks.

B. Education. The education requirements for certification as a psychometrist are that the applicant shall have the following:

(1) A master's degree from an IHE in psychology or education; and

(2) 45 semester hours of graduate and undergraduate course work from an IHE which shall include the following areas:

(a) Tests and measurements*,

(b) Individual intelligence testing of children,

(c) Individual educational assessment of children, reading assessment, curriculum-based assessment,

(d) Assessment of personality (including social, emotional, and behavioral assessment of children),

(e) Practicum in psychological testing of children,

(f) Developmental psychology child and adolescent psychology,

(g) Statistics/research methods, research design,

(h) Personality theory*,

(i) Learning process/theory*,

(j) Abnormal psychology*, psychopathology*,

(k) Educational psychology*,

(l) Curriculum and instruction*,

(m) Intervention techniques, consultation, counseling,

(n) Social bases of behavior*, social psychology*, multicultural psychology*, and

(o) Physiological and neurological bases of behavior.

* Course work may be at the undergraduate level.

C. Experience. The experience requirements for certification as a psychometrist are that the applicant shall comply with §C(1) or (2) of this regulation.

(1) Option I.

(a) 500 clock hours of field experience in school psychology which is approved by and under the direction of an institution of higher education that has an approved program in psychology.

(b) The field experience shall include experience in regular and special education programs and shall emphasize assessment.

(c) The field supervision shall be under an individual certified as a school psychologist.

(2) Option II.

(a) 2 years of successful experience of at least 600 clock hours per year providing psychometric services to children in an educational setting under the supervision of an individual certified as a school psychologist.

(b) The supervision requirement may be waived if an applicant has previously provided these services as a licensed psychologist.