.29 Instructional Leader: STEM (Grades PreKó6).

To add an endorsement as Instructional Leader: STEM, grades PreKó6, an applicant shall:

A. Hold a valid, professional certificate with certification in early childhood education or elementary education;

B. Complete a minimum of 18 semester hours of post-baccalaureate credit or Department-approved Continuing Professional Development credits, to include the following:

(1) 12 semester hours in STEM education which integrates a balance of the following content:

(a) Authentic problem-based and project-based learning;

(b) Essential skills including questioning, spatial reasoning, communication, critical thinking, and problem solving;

(c) Engineering design process;

(d) Application of scientific practices and content;

(e) Application of mathematical practices and content;

(f) Technology literacy; and

(g) Collaborative learning.

(2) 3 semester hours or the equivalent in leadership knowledge and skills in providing professional learning in a school/district setting; and

(3) At least 3 semester hours or the equivalent in a supervised practicum or school-based internship in which the applicant works with a range of students in grades PreKó6 and adult learners in a variety of professional development settings; and

C. Present verification of 27 months of satisfactory teaching experience.