.21 Hearing Impaired.

A. An applicant for certification in hearing impaired shall meet the requirements of this regulation.

B. Special Education Certification. The applicant shall meet the requirements for certification in generic special education at any age/grade level.

C. Content and Professional Education Courses. The applicant shall have:

(1) 3 semester hours in human growth and development emphasizing knowledge of the developmental characteristics (physical, biological, cognitive—learning, and social/emotional) of the hearing impaired, which may be a part of or in addition to the requirement set forth in Regulation .20B(2) of this chapter;

(2) 3 semester hours in assessment, diagnosis, and prescriptive techniques emphasizing specialized knowledge, interpretation and application of appropriate assessment, diagnostic and prescriptive methodologies to evaluate and develop programs geared toward the individualized needs of the hearing impaired;

(3) 6 semester hours in curriculum and instructional methods, emphasizing specialized strategies, techniques, materials, and adaptations appropriate to the instruction of the hearing impaired; and

(4) 6 semester hours in practicum with the hearing impaired or 2 years of successful teaching experience in the area of hearing impaired.

D. Successful teaching experience under §C(4) of this regulation shall be established by a series of at least four observation periods per year. The observer shall be the local special education supervisor or the supervisor's designee.

E. Special Provision. A teacher who is certified in a specific area at the secondary level and seeks endorsement in the area of the hearing impaired at that level shall meet the requirements of §C of this regulation.