.18 Certification in Specialty Areas (Prekindergarten — Grade 12).

A. To receive certification in art, dance, environmental education, health, music, and physical education at the prekindergarten — grade 12 level, the applicant shall:

(1) Complete the following content course work:

(a) Earn a bachelor's or higher degree from an IHE with a major in the certification area; or

(b) Complete 30 semester hours or more of content course work taken at an IHE in the certification area;

(2) Meet the professional education course required in Regulation .06A(2) of this chapter; and

(3) Meet the experience requirements in Regulation .06A(3) of this chapter.

B. For the content course work required in §A(1)(b) of this regulation:

(1) A minimum of 50 percent shall be taken at the same institution; and

(2) A minimum of 12 semester hours shall be upper division course work.