.18 Administrative Operations.

A. The Director shall assure that policies and procedures are established and maintained in compliance with applicable federal, State, and local ordinances, laws, regulations, and orders as they apply to the use of facilities including, but not limited to, standards associated with health, welfare, sanitation, and safety.

B. The Center shall be maintained in accordance with applicable fire code requirements set forth in State laws, regulations, and local ordinances. The premises shall be inspected annually and approved by the local fire authority.

C. The Center shall maintain a fire and disaster plan in accordance with applicable State and local ordinances and shall regularly conduct fire drills during all shifts. A record of each fire drill shall be prepared and maintained.

D. The Division of Rehabilitation Services Police may stop and conduct a frisk of a client, employee, visitor, or any other person on the premises if there is reasonable belief that the person possesses a weapon which presents an imminent danger to the safety of that person or other persons in the Center.

E. The Director or the Director's designee may authorize searches of the physical plant including lockers and residential areas assigned to individual clients when there is a reasonable belief that the search is essential to prevent imminent danger to the safety or welfare of a client, an employee, or other persons on Center property, or that the search will produce evidence that the client has violated or is violating either the law or rules of the Center. A search of the physical plant may be undertaken without advance authorization if imminent danger to the health, welfare, or safety of clients or others exists. The Director or designee shall be immediately notified of any search that was conducted without advance authorization. All searches shall be made in the presence of a third party.

F. The Director shall ensure that the Center is accessible to individuals with disabilities in accordance with the requirements of the:

(1) Architectural Barriers Act of 1968, 42 U.S.C. 4151 et seq.; and

(2) Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards, 41 CFR Subpart 101-19.6.