.17 Accreditation and Licensing.

A. The Director shall assure that policies and procedures are maintained to comply with licensing and accrediting standards for career assessment, employment skills training, outpatient medical rehabilitation services, and any other services or programs for which the Center has or obtains accreditation or appropriate licensing as may be required by State law and regulations or by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.

B. The Director shall assure that the Monitoring Committee is established and maintained in accordance with applicable State laws and regulations and standards established by accrediting organizations.

C. The Director of the Center shall assure that the policies and procedures are maintained for:

(1) A risk management program;

(2) An infection control program;

(3) A physician credentialing procedure;

(4) A program evaluation system; and

(5) Policy development through the Division's Policy Review Committee.