.13 Career Assessment Services.

A. The Director shall assure that policies and procedures are maintained relating to the planning, development, and provision of career assessment services to ensure that an array of assessment services are offered to meet the needs of the client and the referral source.

B. Career assessment services shall be sufficiently comprehensive to obtain physical, intellectual, social, and work-related information necessary to identify a client's interests, knowledge, aptitudes, work skills and work-related capabilities and behaviors.

C. The career assessment services shall employ work samples which shall be:

(1) Representative of realistic competitive worker traits and skills;

(2) Established by an analysis of job tasks or traits related to a specific area of work and standardized as to materials, layout, instructions, and scoring; and

(3) Based upon competitive norms or industrial standards.

D. Appropriate adaptive assessment tools and methods shall be used wherever possible with clients having sensory, physical, communication, or other functional impediments which might invalidate standardized procedures.

E. The length of time a client remains in career assessment shall be based upon the type of assessment requested and the time necessary to accomplish the client's evaluation goals.

F. Evaluation data shall include personal interviews and behavioral observations conducted by Center staff or consultants.

G. Based on referral information, referral questions to be answered, questions from the person served, the initial interview, pre-evaluation assessment of potential modifications required to meet a personís specific needs, and the stated purpose of the evaluation, a specific written evaluation plan shall be developed with each client which shall identify:

(1) The specific type of career assessment requested;

(2) The questions to be answered through the evaluation;

(3) Methods to be used to address the referral questions; and

(4) Reasonable accommodations and assistive technology needs and assistive technology strategies to be used.

H. Career Assessment Services staff person will provide preliminary information about the assessment results at the conclusion of the service. A written evaluation report shall be prepared for each client served in career assessment, and disseminated to the referral source within 14 working days of discharge from the Center. The evaluation report may be disclosed to other appropriate agencies or individuals only in accordance with the standards of Regulation .17 of this chapter.