.07 Services.

The Center shall provide the following services, depending on the needs of the client and the individualized program of services developed with the client:

A. Case management;

B. Career assessment;

C. Outpatient medical rehabilitation;

D. Assistive technology (AT);

E. Employment skills training;

F. Work readiness services;

G. Worksite services;

H. Room, board, and recreation;

I. Addiction assessment and addiction counseling for clients who are enrolled in other Center programs;

J. Other services which may reasonably be expected to benefit the client and which may be needed to address the client's individualized rehabilitation needs or functional limitations; and

K. Special programs for clients including:

(1) Blindness and vision services;

(2) Autism services;

(3) Services for transitioning youth; and

(4) Deaf and hard of hearing services.