.05 Admission Decision and Appeal Process.

A. WTC staff shall notify the applicant and referral source of the scheduled admission. If the applicant is being denied admission, the admission committee shall respond in writing and:

(1) State its reasons for denial;

(2) Inform the applicant and referral source of the Client Assistance Program and appeal process; and

(3) When appropriate, provide alternative recommendations for addressing the functional limitations presented by the applicant.

B. The referral source, the applicant for services, or the applicant's representative may request reconsideration of a decision denying admission within 30 days of receipt of the admission committee's decision by requesting, in writing, an opportunity to appear before the admission committee.

C. If the admission committee, after reconsidering, confirms the decision to deny admission, the applicant may request an appeal hearing in accordance with COMAR 13A.11.07.03.