.04 Admission Criteria.

A. A person may not be denied admission to the Center solely on the basis of the person's race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, disabling condition, residence, or political affiliation.

B. The admission committee shall comply with the Division's Order of Selection for Services policy set forth at COMAR 13A.11.01.13.

C. The assigned case manager shall review the application and supporting documentation and, based upon the criteria set forth in this regulation, make a decision to admit the applicant or to recommend to the admission committee denial of the applicant.

D. The admission committee and case manager shall make the final decision to admit or deny an applicant to the Center based upon the following criteria:

(1) The person is an applicant for or recipient of vocational rehabilitation services provided by the Division or by a public or private organization or agency with an established direct referral agreement with the Center;

(2) The services and resources needed to address the functional limitations presented by the applicant are available at the Center;

(3) There is evidence that the:

(a) Applicant has the developmental, personal, and social skills necessary for self-directed activity and participation in a program of rehabilitation conducted in group settings;

(b) Admission request is voluntary on the part of the applicant; and

(c) Current health status of the applicant permits participation in a program of rehabilitation services; and

(4) The applicant to an employment skills training program meets standards for admission and has a reasonable expectation of successfully completing the program and being employed in the field.

E. An applicant may be admitted for residential services in the:

(1) Supported residence dormitory (SRD) of the Center, if the admission committee, case manager, or residential supervisor determines that the applicant needs assistance with activities of daily living and/or requires supervision to be able to function in a residential setting; or

(2) Dormitory of the Center, if the admission committee or case manager determines that the applicant is independent in the applicant’s activities of daily living and will be able to function in a residential setting with minimal supervision.

F. Referral information confirms that the applicant who seeks admission for assessment or training services meets criteria specific to the service or program.

G. An applicant who has been determined to have a communicable disease may not be admitted unless the Center's medical director approves admission on the grounds that the communicable disease is not transmissible through casual contact and the applicant's behavioral characteristics and history indicate that the applicant would not present a risk of transmitting the disease to other clients and staff of the Center.

H. The admission committee may deny admission to an applicant who, in its determination, presents a danger to the health and safety of other clients and staff at the Center or presents a condition that the Center does not have adequate resources to care for appropriately, including, but not limited to, an applicant:

(1) Who is behaviorally or psychiatrically unstable or dangerous to a degree which requires intensive supervision or a restrictive therapeutic environment as documented by a licensed physician or psychologist;

(2) Who is acutely ill or medically unstable, as documented by a licensed physician, and requires medical, surgical, or nursing care beyond the resources of the Center;

(3) Who is currently using or abusing illegal drugs or alcohol;

(4) Who is a minor and who requires, in order to participate in a program of services, separate residential facilities for care or treatment as may be required by State law or regulation;

(5) Who is incarcerated or required to be under the strict supervision of law enforcement officers; or

(6) Who does not have established housing:

(a) For weekends;

(b) For other times when the Center is closed; or

(c) Upon completion of the applicant's service or program.