.03 Referral.

A. Referral of a person to the Center may be made by a:

(1) Division of Rehabilitation Services staff member on behalf of a client of the Division; or

(2) Representative of a public or private organization or agency when an agreement has been established between the Center and the organization or program regarding direct referral of an individual.

B. The referral source shall:

(1) To the extent possible, make available to the admission office of the Center current medical, social, educational, psychological, psychiatric, and vocational rehabilitation information needed to make a determination regarding admission;

(2) Indicate the services being requested for the applicant and whether the person seeks services as a resident of the Center, as a day client commuting to the Center, or as a client receiving Center services in the client's community; and

(3) Assure that documentation required by the Center to process an application is complete and accurate and shall be responsible for providing any additional information which may be requested by the admission office.