.09 Comparable Services and Benefits.

A. Before the Division provides any vocational rehabilitation services, except those services listed in §B of this regulation, to an applicant or eligible individual or to members of that individual's family, the Division shall determine whether comparable services and benefits are available under any other program.

B. This regulation does not apply to the following services:

(1) Assessment of eligibility and priority for services and assessment of vocational rehabilitation needs;

(2) Counseling, guidance, and referral;

(3) Placement services;

(4) Rehabilitation technology services; and

(5) Post-employment services as listed under §B(1)—(4) of this regulation.

C. This regulation does not apply if the determination of the availability of comparable services and benefits would interrupt or delay:

(1) The provision of vocational rehabilitation services to any applicant or eligible individual at extreme medical risk based on medical evidence provided by an appropriate licensed medical professional;

(2) The progress of the eligible individual toward achieving the employment outcome identified in the individualized plan for employment of the individual in accordance with Regulation .07 of this chapter; or

(3) An immediate job placement.

D. If comparable services and benefits are available, they shall be used to meet, in whole or in part, the cost of vocational rehabilitation services.