.04 Compliance.

A. A legal authority shall comply with this chapter as the condition for maintaining an approval document issued by the State Board.

B. Annual Report. A legal authority shall certify compliance with this chapter on the annual report form provided by the Department. A legal authority shall file this annual form with the Department according to the date determined by the Department.

C. Open for Inspection. A school shall be open for inspection by the State Superintendent of Schools or designee for the following reasons:

(1) To determine compliance with this chapter for the purpose of initial issuance of an approval document;

(2) To monitor a school's ongoing compliance with this chapter;

(3) To investigate a written complaint alleging that the school is in violation of one or more regulations under this chapter;

(4) To determine compliance with this chapter if the Department considers it necessary and appropriate because of specific circumstances; and

(5) To conduct intensive monitoring of a school.