.06 Filing of Affidavit.

A. The relative providing informal kinship care may file the original affidavit during a school year when the relative begins providing care to the child.

B. The relative providing informal kinship care shall file an affidavit annually at least 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the school year for each year the child continues to live with the relative because of a serious family hardship.

C. The relative providing informal kinship care shall submit, with the affidavit, supporting documentation of one or more serious family hardships, which includes, but is not limited to:

(1) Death certificate for death;

(2) Verification by physician or hospital for serious illness;

(3) Verification by treatment provider for drug addiction;

(4) Verification by legal system or detention center for incarceration;

(5) Notarized statements from legal guardians or verification from court or social services for abandonment;

(6) Military orders for assignment to military duty; and

(7) Where possible, the telephone number and address of any authority who is legally authorized to reveal information which can verify the assertions in the affidavit.

D. The supporting documentation shall be consistent with local, State, and federal privacy and confidentiality policies and statutes.

E. If the relative providing informal kinship care does not submit the appropriate supporting documentation with the affidavit or within 30 calendar days of submitting the affidavit, the receiving agency may withdraw the child from school or may charge the relative school tuition.