.04 Use of Exclusion.

A. School personnel may use exclusion to address a student's behavior:

(1) If the student's behavior unreasonably interferes with the student's learning or the learning of others;

(2) If the student's behavior constitutes an emergency and exclusion is necessary to protect a student or other person from imminent, serious, physical harm after other less intrusive, nonphysical interventions have failed or been determined inappropriate;

(3) If exclusion is requested by the student; or

(4) If supported by the student's behavior intervention plan.

B. A setting used for exclusion shall:

(1) Provide school personnel with the ability to see the student at all times;

(2) Provide adequate lighting, ventilation, and furnishings; and

(3) Be unlocked and free of barriers to prevent egress.

C. School personnel shall monitor a student placed in exclusion and provide a student in exclusion with:

(1) An explanation of the behavior that resulted in the removal; and

(2) Instructions on the behavior required to return to the learning environment.

D. School personnel shall ensure that each period of exclusion:

(1) Is appropriate to the developmental level of the student and the severity of the behavior; and

(2) Does not exceed 30 minutes.

E. Parents and school personnel may at any time request a meeting to address the use of exclusion and to:

(1) Conduct a functional behavioral assessment; and

(2) Develop, review, or revise a student's behavioral intervention plan.

F. School personnel shall consider the need to initiate a referral to a pupil services or IEP team if a nondisabled student has experienced excessive exclusion, to determine if the student has a disability that may require the provision of special education and related services, in accordance with COMAR 13A.05.01.

G. School personnel shall ensure the implementation of appropriate procedures, in accordance with COMAR 13A.08.03, if a student with a disability has experienced an excessive period of exclusion that may result in a change of placement.