.03 Student Behavior Interventions.

A. General. School personnel are encouraged to use an array of positive behavior interventions, strategies, and supports to increase or decrease targeted student behaviors.

B. School personnel shall only use exclusion, restraint, or seclusion:

(1) After less restrictive or alternative approaches have been considered, and:

(a) Attempted; or

(b) Determined to be inappropriate;

(2) In a humane, safe, and effective manner;

(3) Without intent to harm or create undue discomfort; and

(4) Consistent with known medical or psychological limitations and the student's behavioral intervention plan.

C. This chapter does not prohibit:

(1) School personnel from initiating appropriate student disciplinary actions pursuant to Education Article §7-305, Annotated Code of Maryland, COMAR 13A.08.01.11, and COMAR 13A.08.03; or

(2) Law enforcement, judicial authorities, or school security personnel from exercising their responsibilities, including the physical detainment of a student or other person alleged to have committed a crime or posing a security risk in accordance with relevant law, regulation, policy, or procedures.