.20 Unsafe School Transfer Policy.

A. Each local school system shall allow a student attending a public elementary or secondary school to attend a safe public elementary or secondary school within the school system if the student:

(1) Attends a persistently dangerous public elementary or secondary school; or

(2) Is a victim of a violent criminal offense as defined in Criminal Law Article, §14-101, Annotated Code of Maryland:

(a) During the regular school day; or

(b) While attending a school sponsored event in or on the grounds of a public elementary or secondary school that the student attends.

B. The local school system shall effectuate a transfer pursuant to §A of this regulation in a timely manner following either the:

(1) Designation of a school as persistently dangerous; or

(2) Conviction of or adjudication of delinquency of the perpetrator of a violent criminal offense.

C. To the extent possible, the local school system shall allow a student to transfer to a school that is making adequate yearly progress and has not been identified as being in school improvement, corrective action, or restructuring.

D. Each local superintendent of schools shall certify annually in writing to the State Superintendent of Schools that Regulations .18—.20 of this chapter are implemented.

E. The State Department of Education shall:

(1) Maintain a list of schools determined to be persistently dangerous; and

(2) Revise the list annually.