.15 Reporting Delinquent Acts.

A. Delinquent acts are offenses committed by a person who is under 18 years old which would be crimes if committed by an adult. School officials shall promptly report to the responsible law enforcement agencies all delinquent acts coming to their attention whether occurring on or away from the school premises which involve students attending the particular school.

B. Delinquent acts do not include conduct which has been traditionally treated as a matter of discipline to be handled administratively by the particular school, except that all conduct of a serious nature should be promptly reported to the parent or guardians concerned.

C. Beginning in the 2015—2016 school year, the local school systems shall report data to the Department on school arrests and referrals to law enforcement agencies or to the juvenile justice system in a form and manner developed by the Department, in consultation with local school systems, and approved by the State Board.