.02 Definitions.

A. In this chapter, the following terms have the meanings indicated.

B. Terms Defined.

(1) "Completion of the National Board Assessment process" means the candidate submits the requisite number of scoreable entries, as defined by National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS), for initial certification or renewal within one assessment cycle.

(2) "National Board certificate" means a credential issued by the NBPTS which attests that a candidate has been judged by peers as one who is accomplished, makes sound professional judgments about student learning, and acts effectively on those judgments.

(3) "National Board certification fee" means the assessment fee charged by the NBPTS.

(4) "National Board certification process for initial certification" means the process which involves compiling a portfolio and completing assessment center activities.

(5) "National Board certification process for renewal" means the process that requires the candidate for renewal to complete one portfolio entry that contains evidence of connections between the candidate's continued professional growth and student learning.

(6) "National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS)" means a private, nonprofit organization whose primary purpose is to advance the teaching profession and to improve student learning.

(7) "Retake" means the process offered by the NBPTS, which allows candidates, during their initial attempt, to resubmit any combination of portfolio entries, assessment center exercises, or both, for which they did not achieve a passing score.