.01 Program Approval.

A. The process for the approval of programs that prepare professionally certified personnel shall include the use of Department-approved standards. The Department shall approve standards that are performance based, reflect contemporary thinking, and are supported by research, best practice, and expert opinion. All Maryland-approved programs for teacher certification shall also include reading courses in early childhood, elementary, secondary, PreK—12, and generic special education (all levels) under COMAR 13A.12.01. 11A(5)(a)—(c).

B. Program reviews shall be conducted on a regular basis and shall include the deliberations and consensus of teams of school-based and institutions of higher education-based professionals with expertise in the program areas being reviewed.

C. Team findings from program reviews shall be communicated in writing to the Assistant State Superintendent for Certification and Accreditation. The Assistant Superintendent shall make written recommendations to the State Superintendent of Schools for the continuation, modification, or discontinuation of Maryland programs to prepare professionally certified personnel. The State Superintendent of Schools shall communicate the final decision in writing to the institution of higher education, school system, or partnership offering the program.