.02 Attendance and Absence of Certificated Employees.

A. Notification in Case of Absence. When it is necessary for a certificated employee to be absent for any reason, the employee shall report to the local superintendent or designated official. If a teacher acts contrary to this regulation, the employee shall forfeit his or her salary for the time lost and incur such other penalty as the local board may prescribe. A substitute who was not assigned to the school by the local superintendent, or his or her designated official, or whose assignment is not approved by him or her, is not entitled to compensation.

B. Absence for Illness.

(1) Certificated employees in the local school systems in the State shall be allowed minimum sick leave at the rate of 1 work day per month, the annual total of which shall be available at the beginning of the school year.

(2) Each certificated employee who shall submit to the local board of education satisfactory proof of illness requiring absence from work shall be paid full salary for the allowed sick leave in any school year plus the minimum cumulative sick leave hereinafter specified. At the discretion of the local board, full, partial, or no salary may be paid for absence because of illness in excess of the allowed minimum annual sick leave and accumulated sick leave.

(3) Unused sick leave from and after August 31, 1966, shall be cumulative up to 100 days, provided, however, that local school systems may allow unused cumulative sick leave in excess of 100 days. Sick leave accumulated up to a maximum of 100 days from and after August 31, 1966, shall be transferred without change to any public school system in Maryland. Local school systems may, consistent with local rules and regulations, allow the transfer of cumulative sick leave in excess of 100 days.

C. Absence for Death in Family. On the death of a child, parent, brother, sister, husband, wife, or of anyone who has lived regularly in the household of a certificated employee, the certificated employee shall be allowed 4 calendar days of absence from school without loss of salary.

D. Time Lost Not to Be Made Up. Time lost by the certificated employee, whether for illness or any other cause, may not be made up on Saturdays or on legal holidays or in extra hours.

E. Deductions for Absences. For each day's absence without good and sufficient reason accepted by the local board of education, the board shall deduct the daily rate of pay for that certificated employee.

F. Record of Certificated Employee's Attendance. Certificated employees shall keep a record of their daily attendance in a manner approved by the State Board of Education and provided by the local board of education for that purpose. The record shall be preserved in good condition and open during school hours for the inspection of the local superintendent or designated official and members of the local board of education, whenever desired.