.04 General Requirements.

A. Each local school system shall establish and maintain a comprehensive induction program for all new teachers.

B. The comprehensive induction program shall be designed to provide participating teachers with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in their classrooms and schools to enable them to stay in the profession.

C. The content and structure of the comprehensive induction program shall be aligned with the Maryland Teacher Professional Development Standards set in December 2004.

D. The comprehensive induction program shall include:

(1) Standards for effective mentoring that:

(a) Are focused;

(b) Are systematic;

(c) Are ongoing;

(d) Are of high quality;

(e) Are geared to the needs of each teacher; and

(f) Include observations with feedback;

(2) Before the school year begins, orientation programs for all teachers new to the local school system;

(3) Ongoing support from a mentor, including regularly scheduled meetings during noninstructional time;

(4) Regularly scheduled opportunities for new teachers to observe or co-teach with skilled teachers;

(5) Follow-up discussions of the observations and co-teaching experiences;

(6) Ongoing professional development designed to address new teacher needs and concerns and, for any teachers not on track to qualify for tenure at any formal evaluation point, additional professional development, as appropriate; and

(7) Ongoing formative review of new teacher performance, including classroom observations, reviews of lesson plans, and feedback based on clearly defined teaching standards and expectations.

E. The local school systems shall consider the need for staffing to:

(1) Plan and coordinate all induction activities;

(2) Supervise new teacher mentors;

(3) Communicate with principals and other school leaders about induction activities; and

(4) Oversee the evaluation of the comprehensive induction program.

F. The comprehensive induction program may provide annual training for principals, assistant principals, and school-based professional development staff to familiarize them with the factors that contribute to teacher attrition and retention, the learning activities and schedule for induction program participants, the role of mentors and expectations for supporting mentors' work in schools, and the importance of school-level coordination of support for new teachers.