.03 Programs for Non-English and Limited-English Proficient Students.

A. Each local school system shall establish ESL or bilingual education programs for those students who have been identified as NEP/LEP by means of a home language survey as well as an assessment of English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills that is considered reliable by the Maryland State Department of Education.

B. The ESL or bilingual education programs shall contain the following components:

(1) Goals;

(2) Student identification;

(3) Student placement;

(4) Curriculum and instruction;

(5) Personnel;

(6) Materials of instruction;

(7) Facilities;

(8) Program organization;

(9) Parent and community involvement;

(10) Support services; and

(11) Program evaluation.

C. A student who has been identified as NEP/LEP shall:

(1) Receive appropriate ESL or bilingual services; and

(2) Be evaluated each year in listening, speaking, reading, and writing English to determine LEP status.

D. Local school systems shall adopt policies and procedures to ensure that there is an ESL or bilingual education program and that the program meets the requirements of this chapter.