.09 School Health Services Standards — Emergency Services.

A. Personnel Qualifications. At least one adult in each school, other than the designated school health services professional and the school health services aide, shall be currently certified both in the First Aid Program of the American National Red Cross or its equivalent, and in adult or pediatric cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), or both. One certified person shall be available on site during the regular school day and at all school-sponsored athletic events.

B. Emergency Care Procedures.

(1) A guide for emergency care management shall be developed and distributed by the local health department and the local board of education to each school, and copies shall be placed in multiple locations.

(2) An emergency information card shall be maintained for each student, and shall be updated at least annually.

(3) Emergency evacuation plans shall be developed in consultation with the fire department, and shall include provisions for physically handicapped students and students with other special health needs.