.06 School Health Services Standards — Definitions.

A. In Regulations .05—.15, the following terms have the meanings indicated.

B. Terms Defined.

(1) "Communicable disease control" means the prevention, investigation, limitation, and eradication of diseases caused by infectious agents and usually spread from person to person.

(2) "Designated school health services professional" means a physician, certified nurse practitioner, or registered nurse, or all of these, with experience or special training, or both, in working with children and families in community or school health programs and practices in accordance with the current medical and nursing standards of care.

(3) "Follow-up" means the process of ascertaining if the recommended services have been obtained and evaluating the outcomes to determine if additional referrals are necessary.

(4) "Health appraisal" means the process by which a designated school health services professional identifies health problems that may interfere with learning.

(5) "Health counseling" means a service which provides opportunities for students and parents/guardians to explore options, make decisions, and receive support for understanding and adjusting to or coping with their health problems.

(6) "Nursing care plan" means the course of action to be used by the nurse to meet the health needs of a student.

(7) "Physical education" means the component of the school program that seeks, basically through the medium of physical activities, to improve each individual's physical fitness, motor skills, knowledge and appreciation of physical activities, and social competencies.

(8) "Referral" means the process of helping a student or family obtain additional or comprehensive services, or both, and information.

(9) "School health services aide" means an unlicensed person who functions under the supervision of a designated school health services professional. The designated school health professional shall determine the required degree of supervision on an individual basis. A school health services aide, at a minimum, shall be certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation annually and a basic first aid course every 3 years.

(10) "Screening" means a procedure to identify students who are at risk of having a health problem.

(11) "Special health needs" means temporary or long-term health problems arising from physical, emotional, or social factors or any combination of these. The student with special health needs may or may not be enrolled in a special education program.

(12) "Staff development" means the process of both formal and informal acquisition by staff of further knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to perform assigned functions.

(13) "Supervision" means the process of critically watching, directing, and evaluating another's performance.