.01 Requirement — Career Development for Instruction in Grades Prekindergarten—12.

A. Each local school system shall:

(1) Provide in the public schools equal access to and equitable support in implementing a systematic instructional program in career development and decision making in accordance with the Maryland Career and Technical Education Four-Year State Plan (April 2020) and Maryland Career Development Framework, which are incorporated by reference for all students in grades prekindergarten—12; and

(2) Ensure that before grade 9 each student shall develop an individual academic and career plan and update it annually.

B. Career Development Program. The comprehensive instructional program in grades prekindergarten—12 shall provide for diversity of student needs, abilities, and interests and shall include the career development content standards in §§C—H of this regulation.

C. Self Awareness. Students shall acquire and apply self-knowledge in order to develop personal, learning, and career goals.

D. Career Awareness. Students shall use the Maryland Career Development Framework and career pathways in order to understand the relationship between educational achievement and career goals.

E. Career Exploration. Students shall assess career choices and related pathways in order to develop an academic and career plan.

F. Career Preparation. Students shall prepare for postsecondary and career success through a sequenced academic and technical program of study and related workplace experiences.

G. Job Seeking and Advancement. Students shall demonstrate skills to secure, maintain, and advance in employment.

H. Career Satisfaction and Transition. Students shall demonstrate how the ongoing attainment of knowledge and skills enhances one's ability to function and transition effectively in a diverse and changing economy.