.01 Standards for Kindergarten Programs Operated by Public Institutions of Post-Secondary Education.

A. A kindergarten program operated by a public institution of post-secondary education shall meet the requirements of this regulation.

B. The educational program shall comply with the instructional program requirements applicable to public school kindergarten programs found in:

(1) COMAR 13A.04.06 — Program of Instruction in Personal Financial Literacy;

(2) COMAR 13A.04.08 — Program in Social Studies;

(3) COMAR 13A.04.09 — Program in Science;

(4) COMAR 13A.04.12 — Program in Mathematics;

(5) COMAR 13A.04.13 — Program in Physical Education;

(6) COMAR 13A.04.14 — Program in English Language Arts;

(7) COMAR 13A.04.16 — Programs in Fine Arts; and

(8) COMAR 13A.04.18 — Program in Comprehensive Health Education.

C. Each teacher in the kindergarten program shall hold a Maryland teaching certificate in early childhood education.

D. The educational program shall maintain enrollment and attendance records for a period of 3 years after a child leaves the program.

E. By September 1, 1994, and every 5 years after that, the administrative head of the public institution of post-secondary education shall certify to the State Superintendent of Schools that the kindergarten program meets, at a minimum, the requirements set forth in this chapter.