.01 Organization and Administration.

A. Accommodations, Duties of Local Administrative and Supervisory Staff. The local board of education shall provide suitable space and equipment for the administrative and supervisory staff of the local superintendent. The administrative and supervisory staff shall spend their time performing duties consistent with their positions, or as may be assigned by the local superintendent.

B. Recommended Staffing.

(1) The size of the school system will determine to some extent the degree of staff specialization, but every effort should be made to provide adequate instructional and pupil personnel services to both elementary and secondary schools.

(2) The recommended ratio of supervisory staff for instructional services to student enrollment is one general supervisor for each 1,000 students enrolled up to 2,000 and one general or special supervisor for each additional 1,200 students enrolled. For most school systems this ratio should provide supervisory staff for instructional services with special competence at both elementary and secondary levels in such areas as curriculum development, subject content, and specialized services, for example, reading, speech and hearing, the gifted, and the disabled.

(3) The following ratio of pupil personnel staff to students enrolled is recommended: One person responsible for the supervision of the pupil personnel services for the first 2,500 students enrolled and one pupil personnel worker (visiting teacher, school social worker, or school psychologist) for each additional 2,500 students.