.02-1 Waivers from Regulations.

A. Authority. Upon a demonstration of good cause, substantial compliance, or comparable effort by an educational institution or program seeking a waiver, the State Board of Education may grant waivers from its regulations.

B. Term.

(1) The term of a waiver may not exceed 3 years.

(2) Requests to renew waivers for additional 3-year terms may be filed with the State Superintendent of Schools.

C. Procedure.

(1) The head of an educational institution or program, including an institution of higher education, or the local superintendent of schools on behalf of a school or school system, shall file a waiver request with the State Superintendent of Schools. The request shall include a description of the desired outcome and an explanation of why the waiver is necessary and justifiable under the circumstances.

(2) The State Superintendent of Schools shall submit to the State Board of Education each waiver request within 45 calendar days of its receipt with a recommendation for either granting or denying the waiver, specifying its term, and providing written justification for any recommended denial.

(3) The State Board of Education shall render a decision at its next regularly scheduled meeting. The decision of the State Board of Education on a waiver request is final.