.02 Inmate Pregnancy.

A. Assessment and Treatment.

(1) The health services provider shall provide a complete history, physical examination, and definitive laboratory test to determine pregnancy when requested by:

(a) The inmate;

(b) Medical staff; or

(c) The warden.

(2) Prenatal and postpartum care shall be provided in accordance with acceptable health services standards to include:

(a) Regular appointments with an accredited obstetrical clinic;

(b) Medications as necessary; and

(c) Patient education.

B. The Commissioner shall ensure that standards are developed to address:

(1) Prenatal care;

(2) Postnatal care;

(3) Postpartum care;

(4) Abortion;

(5) Hospital admission;

(6) Disposition of the child in accordance with Correctional Services Article, 9-601, Annotated Code of Maryland; and

(7) Executive clemency.