.31 Classroom Requirements.

A. Classroom instruction shall be conducted in a room inspected and approved by the Administration before a school may use the room to conduct the program.

B. A classroom in an educational institution regulated by the Maryland State Department of Education or the Maryland Higher Education Commission is exempt from the inspection requirement in §A of this regulation.

C. All classrooms shall include student desks or tables and chairs. The desks or tables and chairs shall be arranged to allow:

(1) An unobstructed view of the chalkboard or whiteboard and other visual aids used in program instruction; and

(2) Student seating and writing surfaces for each student that provide privacy when tests are being administered.

D. A classroom shall be equipped with:

(1) A chalkboard or whiteboard with a minimum surface area of 4 feet by 6 feet; and

(2) Audiovisual equipment required for conducting classroom instruction including, but not limited to:

(a) A videocassette or digital video disc (DVD) player;

(b) An overhead projector and screen;

(c) A television monitor visible by all students with a minimum screen size of 25 inches measured diagonally; and

(d) More than one television for larger classrooms.

E. Certified schools shall make available classroom supplies and materials included in the approved curriculum. Classroom supplies and materials shall consist of:

(1) Copies of instructional worksheets, fact sheets, and examinations for each student;

(2) Textbooks for assignment for each student throughout the entire course of instruction;

(3) Instructional videos or DVDs; and

(4) Instructional transparencies, slides, or PowerPoint presentations.

F. A portable structure, preengineered building, or mobile home may be a permanent building and used as a classroom if it:

(1) Is installed on a permanent foundation with conventional utility hookups;

(2) Has been inspected and approved by the Administration; and

(3) Complies with fire, safety, and zoning requirements.