.24 Apprentice Instructor Permit Requirements.

A. An apprentice instructor permit may not be transferred, sold, or assigned.

B. An apprentice instructor shall continuously follow all the requirements set forth for a certified instructor under Regulation .18 of this chapter.

C. The certified school shall:

(1) Ensure an apprentice instructor is supervised by a certified instructor experienced in teaching the driver education program courses with:

(a) A minimum of 2 years experience in teaching the driver education program courses; or

(b) The Administration's approval to teach apprentice instructors;

(2) Continue supervision until the Administration is in receipt of satisfactory data on the individual's criminal history record as set forth in Regulation .18 of this chapter, and the individual is issued an instructor's certification; and

(3) Have a certified instructor observe performance and conduct a one-on-one session with the apprentice instructor for a minimum of 2 hours every 2 weeks and document the performance and sessions in the apprentice instructor activities log.