.06 Applying for a School Certification.

A. A business entity, organization, institution, or individual shall submit an application to the Administration requesting certification as a driver education school.

B. The application shall be signed by the authorized representative of the business entity, organization, or institution requesting the certification.

C. The application shall be completed, in its entirety, and be accompanied by:

(1) Documentation acceptable to the Administration that:

(a) The applicant has at least one business office located in Maryland with posted business hours; and

(b) The business office used by the applicant to conduct business and all classrooms used for instruction or to administer tests meet all State and local building, zoning, fire and safety regulations, codes, and standards for use as a driver education school business office or classroom or other applicable zoning classification, including a certificate in the current business owner's name, identifying the maximum occupant capacity for all business offices used to conduct business and all classrooms used for instruction or to administer tests;

(2) Documentation acceptable to the Administration that the applicant has:

(a) Workers' Compensation and Unemployment insurance for all school employees;

(b) General liability insurance covering all business offices and classroom sites for the protection of individuals using the premises and equipment during the program instruction; and

(c) A surety bond in the amount set forth in Transportation Article, §15-705, Annotated Code of Maryland;

(3) A description of the course schedule for classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction;

(4) The applicant's written policy detailing a proposed payment or assistance plan for students with verifiable financial hardships to participate in the program courses;

(5) A list of the instructors who are to be employed to teach the scheduled courses;

(6) A list of the designated individuals to be authorized by the Administration to transmit program completion certification information to the Administration;

(7) A list of training vehicles to be used by the certified school for instruction to include for each vehicle:

(a) The year, make, registration plate number, and vehicle identification number;

(b) Except for a new vehicle titled in the past year from a manufacturer's certificate of origin, a copy of the certificate of inspection issued within the last 3 months by a Maryland authorized inspection station; and

(c) A copy of the insurance certificate showing evidence of current required motor vehicle liability insurance; and

(8) A statement certifying under penalty of perjury whether the applicant has ever had a drivers' school license or school certification revoked in Maryland or any other State.

D. A school certification may only be issued by the Administration if all requirements have been met and the applicant has completed the orientation conducted by the Administration.