.05 Applying for a School License.

A. A business entity, organization, institution, or individual requesting a drivers' school license shall submit an application to the Administration.

B. The application shall be signed by the authorized representative of the business entity, organization, or institution.

C. The application shall be completed, in its entirety, and be accompanied by:

(1) A nonrefundable application fee set forth in COMAR 11.11.05;

(2) A description of the type of driving instruction that will be provided;

(3) A list of instructors, including qualifications, certifications, and education requirements for teaching the courses;

(4) A complete detailed copy of the curriculum that identifies:

(a) A detailed course description;

(b) The performance objectives to be achieved;

(c) The topic areas to be covered;

(d) A detailed description of the instruction that shall be completed in each unit or section;

(e) The standards for successful completion;

(f) The list of audiovisual materials to be used;

(g) The textbooks and reference materials to be used;

(h) Copies of the examinations, including knowledge and skill portions; and

(i) The typical course schedule of sessions;

(5) A description of the eligibility requirements to enroll and participate in the courses;

(6) A description of the course schedule that includes the:

(a) Number of hours per session;

(b) Number of sessions; and

(c) Normal times of day the course will be conducted;

(7) Documentation acceptable to the Administration that the applicant has:

(a) Workers' Compensation and Unemployment insurance for all school employees;

(b) General liability insurance covering all business offices and classroom sites for the protection of individuals using the premises and equipment during the program instruction; and

(c) A surety bond in the amount set forth in Transportation Article, §15-705, Annotated Code of Maryland;

(8) A list of each training vehicle to be used by the school for instruction to include:

(a) The vehicle's year, make, registration plate number, and vehicle identification number;

(b) Except for a new vehicle titled in the past year from a manufacturer's certificate of origin, a copy of the certificate of inspection issued within the last 3 months by a Maryland authorized inspection station;

(c) A copy of the insurance certificate showing evidence of current required vehicle liability coverage; and

(d) The safety equipment installed in each vehicle; and

(9) A statement certifying under penalty of perjury the applicant has never had a drivers' school license revoked in Maryland or any other state.

D. The Administration may waive the drivers' school application fee, license fee, renewal fee, and the surety bond requirement for an educational institution that:

(1) Offers the instruction as part of the normal school-day curriculum; and

(2) Does not charge a fee for conducting the approved course.

E. A separate application accompanied by all the required documentation shall be submitted for each drivers' school business office, classroom, or training site.

F. A drivers' school license may only be issued by the Administration if:

(1) All the requirements set forth in this chapter have been met; and

(2) The applicant has successfully completed the orientation conducted by the Administration.