.04 Qualifications for Drivers' School License Applicants.

A. An applicant for a drivers' school license:

(1) Shall be 21 years old or older;

(2) May not have a pending charge or criminal conviction for:

(a) Fraud in the operation of providing instruction;

(b) A crime of moral turpitude;

(c) A sex offense;

(d) Contributing to the delinquency of a minor; or

(e) An offense within the last 5 years involving:

(i) A controlled dangerous substance;

(ii) Alcohol or drugs while operating a motor vehicle; or

(iii) A felony while operating a motor vehicle;

(3) May not have an outstanding complaint or pending charge for alleged violations that, if proven, would constitute grounds to refuse, suspend, or revoke the school license under Transportation Article, §§15-109 and 15-709, Annotated Code of Maryland;

(4) May not have a conviction set forth in §A(2) of this regulation within 5 years preceding the application date;

(5) Shall have a valid federal and State tax identification number;

(6) May not have an unresolved past due tax or other financial obligation due to Maryland;

(7) Shall be in compliance with all the State and local requirements to be licensed and authorized to do business in Maryland; and

(8) Shall have a designated business office located in Maryland with posted business hours.

B. If the applicant for a school license is a partnership, corporation, or education institution, each individual responsible for the operation of the business shall meet the qualifications and requirements set forth in this regulation.