.12 Universal Joints and U-Clamps.

Universal Joints. With spring brakes on and gear selector in neutral, place a small bar between the yoke and the U-joint and rotate the shaft back and forth.

Procedures: Reject Vehicle If:
(1) Visually inspect universal joints for looseness, missing or loose bolts, and proper phasing. (1) There is free play in a universal joint, bolt is missing or loose, or joints are not in proper phase.
(2) Visually inspect U-clamps. (2) U-clamp is missing, loose, nut is missing or loose, or nut or bolt is not locked.
(3) Visually inspect steady bearing for wear and proper mounting. (3) Steady bearing is loose or worn.
(4) Inspect for presence of drive shaft protection open on vehicles with drive shaft extending lengthwise under floor of passenger compartment. (4) Not equipped with at least one guard or bracket at the sliding connection end of drive shaft.