.21 Windshield Wipers and Washers.

A. Windshield Wipers. Inspect windshield wipers for:

Procedures: Reject Vehicle If:
(1) Operation. (1) Wipers fail to operate, blades do not contact windshield, or wipers do not return to park position when turned off.
(2) Condition of blades. (2) Wiping portion of blade is missing, torn, or hardened, or does not wipe 75 percent of original sweep area.
(3) Condition of arms. (3) Wiper arm is missing, bent, or distorted.

B. Windshield Washers (if Equipped).

Procedures: Reject Vehicle If:
(1) Inspect washer system for operation. (1) Washer system does not deliver fluid to the windshield.