.15 Electrical System.

A. Wiring. Visually inspect wiring for:

Procedures: Reject Vehicle If:
(1) Condition. (1) Insulation is broken, cracked, chafed, or connections are corroded.
(2) Mounting. (2) Wiring is loose to permit contact with exhaust system or moving parts.

B. Battery. Visually inspect battery for:

Procedures: Reject Vehicle If:
(1) Mounting. (1) Battery is loose, mounting is cracked, broken, weakened, or cover is missing.
(2) Condition. (2) Terminal or lead is loose or severely corroded.

C. Trailer Cord. Inspect trailer cord for:

Procedures: Reject Vehicle If:
(1) Insulation. (1) Insulation is broken, cut, shortened, or chafed.
(2) Connectors. (2) Connector end is broken, cut, cracked, or split.

D. Switches.

Procedures: Reject Vehicle If:
(1) Function. (1) Any switch fails to function as designed.
(2) Condition. (2) Any switch is damaged or loose.