.04 Records.

A. Each owner shall maintain or cause to be maintained the following records for each vehicle:

(1) Identification by year, make, model, title number, and manufacturer's vehicle identification number. The vehicle identification number may not be recorded from documents, but shall be taken from the actual number on the vehicle.

(2) A record of inspection, repair, and maintenance, including vehicle mileage and date or dates of action taken.

(3) A copy of the certification required by Regulation .05 of this chapter.

B. Administrative Forms.

(1) When performing inspection, service, maintenance, or repairs, an owner shall record, or cause to be recorded, on a form acceptable to the Department, action taken on each item listed in Regulation .03B of this chapter.

(2) If an owner uses a form which contains additional items, the owner shall ensure that all items contained in Regulation .03B of this chapter are included on the form and are highlighted.

(3) Forms shall be completed to indicate the date of inspection, date of repairs, mileage on the vehicle on the date of inspection or repair, and signature of the owner or authorized representative.

(4) An owner or agent of an owner may not willfully record or cause to be recorded any false or fraudulent information on any form or forms required by these regulations.

C. Record Retention.

(1) Records required under this regulation shall be kept at the location where the vehicle is garaged, assigned, or maintained.

(2) Records shall be retained for a period of 2 years. However, records need only be retained for a period of 6 months after a vehicle is sold, traded, junked, or otherwise transferred or disposed of by an owner.

(3) If vehicle records are not maintained in Maryland, they shall, upon request of the Department, be made available within 5 working days.

(4) Records shall be available for inspection by Department personnel, or other personnel authorized by the Department, during normal business hours.