.07 Responsibilities of Certified Facilities.

A. A certified facility shall:

(1) Maintain the following records for all school buses inspected:

(a) Owner's name, address, telephone number,

(b) Year and make of bus, including make of body,

(c) VIN number,

(d) Bus number,

(e) Tag number, and

(f) Odometer reading;

(2) Permit only certified inspectors to perform inspections and sign certifications;

(3) Notify the Administration if any changes to the inspection area have been made;

(4) Issue certificates only after a complete inspection has been performed; and

(5) Notify the Administration if a certified inspector's employment with the certified facility ends.

B. A certified facility shall use only those forms provided by the Administration for school vehicle inspections.

C. When a school vehicle fails an inspection, and the vehicle is removed from the inspection station, the certified facility shall notify the Administration.