.11 Head Start Vehicle.

Pursuant to Transportation Article, §11-154, Annotated Code of Maryland, school vehicles may be registered in Maryland that were originally titled in another state and used to transport children, students, or teachers for educational purposes or in connection with a school activity in that state. These vehicles shall comply with regulations on transporting children enrolled in the federally funded Head Start program adopted by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. These Vehicles are to be used solely for transporting children to and from a Head Start program.

A. Head start vehicle owners shall:

(1) Have a head start vehicle inspection conducted for the initial registration and annually thereafter by an inspection mechanic at an authorized Maryland State Inspection facility.

(2) Be issued a School Vehicle Tag Certification (Form EP-216) for tags after being acceptance inspected by the Administration for compliance with COMAR Construction Standards Color and Identification (Lettering) in addition to all equipment necessary for Head Start Transportation in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 45, §1310.

(3) Submit a School Vehicle Contract Certification (EP-211) written contract certification to the Administration that the vehicle used for Head Start transportation will only be transporting children to and from a Head Start program.

(4) Be issued a Head Start Vehicle registration plate that is centrally issued by the Administration pursuant to Transportation Article, §13-420, Annotated Code of Maryland, after approval from the School Vehicle Safety Section.

B. A head start vehicle shall be constructed with materials that enable it to meet all criteria of the school bus seat upholstery fire block test established by the National School Transportation specifications and procedures adopted at the most recent National Congress on School Transportation.